Thursday, July 5, 2012

Salt Lake City Fireworks

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Isa and I debated what we should do for Independence Day. We had heard about fireworks in Sandy and Sugarhouse and all over the valley, and now that we have a car we could have gone anywhere. But we decided it might be fun to not limit ourselves to just one show, but go somewhere where we could watch all of them. We thought it would be a unique opportunity for us to hike up a mountain and watch the various fireworks from one vantage point. We decided to hike up to Ensign Peak.

Ultimately, it was really cool to see fireworks for miles in all directions, but they were mostly too small to really think they were that cool. It was more like the whole valley was sparkling with different colored explosions every few seconds. Which is a cool sight to behold, but it's just different than being right under the show like we were in Edmonton or New York.

But we got some cool pictures of the city and the valley anyway.

And here's one of Isa and I on top of the hill:

And yes, we could see our house from there. :)

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