Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rate Our Weekend Trips from SLC

Isa and I have compiled a list of 15 possible weekend trips that we could take from our current home-base in Salt Lake City. There will probably be many more that we haven't thought of, so if you know of a weekend adventure that you think we would love and it's not on the list below, please leave it in the comments. That would be much appreciated.

Because we don't have the time to do every trip, we need help deciding which ones are the best and which ones are not worth doing. That's where you come in. We would love it if you could help us by rating the 15 trips below in order of awesomeness: 1 being amazing and an absolute must-do, and 15 for something we could skip and not think twice about it.

If you haven't done something on the list, go by your gut feeling on coolness. You know us, what do you think we'd want to do the most? And if you get bored, just rate your top 10, or top 5, or whatever. Any ratings at all will help. The survey will fill in the rest for you. So, here goes. Thanks so much!

[2013 Update: Survey is down since we're not in Utah anymore.]

You're the bestest! Thanks for the ratings. :)

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  1. Definitely definitely go to Yellowstone!!! you could probably even sneak Tetons in too. I drove through it and it didn't appear to be anything more than a scenic drive. I was confused. love love yellowstone though!! I want to go back with curt so badly! go.


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