Sunday, July 8, 2012

Talking in Church

I do love talking in church. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I hear so many other people have a fear of public speaking, that I deliberately try to be the opposite. Love is the opposite of fear, I suppose, so maybe that's why I love getting up in front of large crowds.

Our chapel is interesting. Our ward is, too. Our ward is made up of "Newlyweds and Nearly-Deads," or at least that's what I've heard it referred to as. The ward does not have a primary or young men/young women program. It does have a nursery, to which Isa and I have been called - more on that later. So if you have kids, they can only be less than three years old. Once they grow up too much, you get kicked out of the ward and put in another one - one with a primary and other youth programs. So what you end up with, if you remove any young families, are newlyweds with no (or very small) children, and old people whose children have already grown up and moved out.

Weird, huh?

The chapel and ward have been around forever. Like, since Mormons came to Salt Lake City. We're in the 13th ward. As in, the 13th ward, ever. The building looks more like a fortress than a chapel, but I love that the podium/pulpit is off to the side, not in the center like normal. The side pulpit is very reminiscent of huge cathedrals. I've always wanted to preach from one of those, so this was, in a small way, pretty cool for me. :)

Isa talked about family home evening and how we all need to be doing it. I talked about making the most out of our free time - doing things that are worthwhile and productive instead of playing on facebook or whatever.

Overall, they were well-received talks and I think both of us did a fine job. :) Yay!

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  1. Does the chapel have a big stain glass window of the first vision? Chad and I were in the Harvard ward when we lived in town town salt lake and the building was ancient but sooo cool.

  2. @Jordan I don't think it's the same building. We're on 1st South and 6th East. But chances are there are a lot of really old buildings in the area. :)


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