Monday, July 9, 2012

Isa Got a Job

I told you I'd tell you more about Isa's new job once it had started. Today is that day. :)

Isa started her new job this morning at TDAmeritrade. She would be writing this post herself, but she's super busy right now. TDAmeritrade is a financial investment firm, something Isa knows nothing about. However, they are hosting an investment conference in Vegas in a few months and they need to design and put together a booklet for it, something TDAmeritrade knows nothing about. That's where Isa comes in. She's using her InDesign layout skills to put together and design their 200-some-odd page book, which will be given out to hundreds of attendees (maybe it's thousands, I don't know).

Either way, Isa is learning (and re-learning) lots of things that will help her excel in the future, and I'm so proud of her. She really is amazing. It was a long time (a month) not knowing what she'd be doing, and not hearing back from employers after positive interviews, but now that she's found a great job, we're really surprised at how quickly it happened.

Props to Isa for being so awesome.

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