Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things

I am back in the weekly process of going to school, getting work, doing work, turning it in.

My toughest class by far: Calligraphy.

Since we're starting from the beginning with basic letterforms, I know it should be work. But this guy. No mercy. If all your R's are perfect (not my case), he'll find the one that's not and mark it wrong. If some of your T's are crooked, he'll find the bad ones.

Here is the homework.

Very tedious. 3 pages on 9x11in. 1/4 in doubled spaced. But I don't mind, I can "watch" (listen to) Will & Grace or Arrested Development while I write :)

My other Monday class: Package Design.
We're creating a "rustic, charming, playful" matchbox for Arthur Kitchen Matches.
Let me know which is your favorite! (or any other comments!)

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