Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Help Us Make a Baby

Hello world! It's me, Brian! I see things look a bit more girly around here since my last post. Serves me right for abandoning the blogging world like that.

As you know from Isa's posts, we've been busy creating a new Android application (for those of you that are less tech savvy than others, there are four basic types of smart phones out there - iPhones, Windows phones, Blackberry's, and pretty much everything else is an Android phone). Our application works on Android phones. It finds your location and points out spots around you where you can sit down and relax. If you haven't seen the demonstration video yet, watch that here:

We entered the video into a citywide contest, with $50k in prizes. We're eligible for about $23,000 if we win all the categories we're entered in. (Could you even imagine?!?!!!!) Most winners are based solely on the judges' discretion and criteria, and we just hope they love our app as much as we do. :)

But there is one $4000 category called the Popular Choice Award. And that's where you come in. We need votes. You can vote once a day, so keep coming back each day to help. And tell your friends. It's really easy.

For now,  here's what we would LOVE for you to do:
1. Create a profile (which is super easy) on the BigApps 3.0 page: (top right corner, click sign up)

2. Go to your email and click the link to confirm your email address. That will open up the BigApps 3.0 page again.
3. Find the RelaxNYC app. Click the submission gallery and search for "relax" or just click this link:
4. Make a comment below the app. It could be about the video, about the app, about the idea, just saying hello, wishing us good luck, or complete gibberish. You can't vote yet, but you can leave a comment.
Voting doesn't start until tomorrow (Thursday) at 10am, but commenting now helps put our app toward the top for people who don't know what they're looking for. :)

You're the best! Thanks!

Oh, and how, you may ask, does this help us make a baby? Well, babies are expensive. And our savings account could use a boost so that we'll be financially ready for offspring.

So your votes = $ = baby sooner than later. :)

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  1. Ahh...Brian. When I got pregnant with Isabelle, I didn't have insurance. We paid a lot for that one! The money just comes...

    I'll vote for you in the mean time though. Cause, it is true...babies take lots of money! :)


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