Monday, February 20, 2012

Isa Ciccotelli

Certain students at Parsons studying Communication Design (my major) were given an assignment their second year to brand themselves. I was not in one of those classes, therefore I was never made to do it.

It's getting pretty close to the absolute deadline of doing this, so I've finally hunkered down and did it.

Any thoughts? Favourites? Feedback??


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  1. Isa,
    I love all of these design questions that you and Brian throw out there. I have always thought that Ciccotelli is a great last name so I like the middle graphic with the name spelled out with just a touch of color. The fun thing is that the color could adjust with the project/ produce and still carry the same image. That being said I do like the simplicity of the top one with a play on the C for the last name. For graphics applications I like the top one. For a tag line I like the middle one.

  2. I love the middle one with your full name - such an awesome name! and the dots are sweet. You are so talented!


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