Friday, January 27, 2012

1 Week of Glorious News!

We've had a pretty crazy week with me back in school and Brian finishing up the app!

I started classes. My schedule was one class a week, 4 out of 5 beginning at 9am. (!!) But quite thankfully, one of the classes wasn't my cup of tea, so I rearranged my schedule. I now have a Wednesday off! (Still classes at 9am the rest of the days though).

Brian finished the RelaxNYC App!! Right now, we only have it available for Android phones. You can find it in the marketplace. You can also like our Facebook page or check it out on the website at

We also entered the app into the BigApps 3.0 competition in NYC. You can read about that and find our entry Here.

I've been hired onto a campaign for Zagat. It works super well with my school schedule and luckily it's been in the 40s (50s tonight!) so I've been staying...well, I haven't gotten frost bite.
The deal is that Zagat wants to hear from you! Your witty reviews on your favourite shopping locations in NYC (even if you don't live here!). Because you help us in creating the Zagat guide(s), once you submit at least once review, you can get a free Zagat Shopping 2012 guide (that you commented in and maybe are published in!) or the Zagat Food Lovers guide 2012, which reviews gourmet food shopping locations. Click HERE to register!
(I completely back Zagat. Not only are they backed by Google now, but they are also a great company and I've participated in this promotion before. It's a great deal!)

Working towards this (kinda) and my eye on it for awhile...I got the Longchamp Le Pliage bag! in Bilberry. :) Most money I've ever spent on a single item that wasn't a piece of furniture or good jewelry, but it's a great bag!

During my Zagat stint at Union Square main entrance today, Ames from Ashley's season of The Bachelorette (last...summer? Fall?), looked me right in the eye and semi-politely denied the free Zagat guide I offered him!
(We really want to run into JP and Ashley though...)

Here's the sad news: The Chuck series finale is tonight. Goodbye Chuck. Sarah. Casey. Morgan. Alex. General Beckman. Jeff. Lester. Good show. It shall be missed.
(There was even a short article in AMNY about this today. They are sad too.)

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