Thursday, November 7, 2013

Travel Day: Xi'an to Bangkok Flight

We caught a bus from a hotel opposite the Drum Tower straight to the airport. It was cheap (26RMB, about $4) and easy and brought us straight there. When we arrived at the airport about two and a half hours before our flight, we learned that we were not allowed to go through security yet. Apparently, they make everyone wait in a holding room until about 90 minutes before your flight, then you go through security and customs all at once with the rest of your plane. It was weird, but whatever.

Once we lined up, we did our best to keep our place in the queue, but other people did their best to push and cut through to the front. We know it's just a culture thing where you look out for number one and you fight for what you can get with little regard for others, so we don't want to hold it against them or say they should have better manners or respect for others. But we are very happy to be out of China. Especially after prices rose so much (Shanghai was cheap and wonderful, Beijing was a little more expensive, and Xi'an was just ridiculously overpriced).

Anyways, it turns out, to nobody's surprise, that our ability to understand Mandarin is horrible. We boarded the plane with first class by mistake. I've never seen a plane so empty. It was cool.

The flight arrived in Bangkok a little after sunset, so we got a nice view from the sky.

We took an express bus (the A1) for 30 baht ($1, now that's more like it) from Don Mueang Airport to the metro station called Mo Chit, then the metro from there to our hotel in Bangkok. We're staying at the Marvin Suites, and our room is nice and spacious and the staff was really nice at the front desk. So far, we're loving Thailand and we're happy to be out of China. (Don't get me wrong, China was amazing and full of awesome adventures and memories. But dealing with the people there just got exhausting.)

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