Friday, November 29, 2013

Karon Beach

Our hotel is conveniently situated at the north end of Kata Beach. We're happy up here. You don't want to be in the middle of the beach because there's a Club Med that spans almost the entire length of the beach and you can't get through it, so you have to walk around it. The south end has more restaurants and bars, but up here has quick access to Karon Beach for a little change of scenery.

Just a 15 minute walk from our hotel put us at the south end of Karon Beach.

As you can see, today was gorgeous. We laid out for a few hours on our his & hers towels we picked up in Hua Hin.

Then we went to go play in the beautiful warm water. Seriously, so nice. And then the waves started picking up...

I've always wanted to get a picture inside the curl of a wave like the ones you see in surfer magazines. Turns out they're a lot harder to get than I thought. They crash too early or too late or the curl's not big enough or the picture isn't level or there's people in the way or water on the lens. I took about 40 pictures and videos, most of which were examples of all the things I just listed. But I'm really happy with a few of them. I'm really excited to make that video. I'll embed it here later. But here's my favorite picture for now...

After a few hours, we went back over to Kata Beach. We like it better than Karon. The sand is nicer and it's wider and a little less crowded. Laying out here was cut a little short when a 30-minute rain storm came through. We hid out under some trees and then we found a vacant stall tent when it got really heavy.

When we finally decided to call it a day, we stopped to get some rotee, which is a Thai banana pancake. It was surprisingly yummy.

We ate dinner in the same area at the south end of the beach. This time we ate at a place that gave us free garlic bread and minestrone soup. It was called Tomato Restaurant. And it was awesome. Thai food with Italian appetizers. :)

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