Sunday, November 10, 2013

Church and a New Place

Up until today, we've been staying in a little hotel called the Marvin Suites. We were really pleased with the room; lots of space, nice shower, not far from the BTS, and walking distance to the river ferry.

But we decided to splurge for the rest of our time here and we got a private condo from AirBNB. This is how we spent our afternoon:

The condo itself is fantastic. It's a small junior bedroom/studio, but the layout is open and makes it seem more spacious. The building also allows access to the roof above the 25th floor, which gives awesome views of the surrounding area, including the Grand Palace on the river.

Needless to say, we're pretty happy with our current accommodations. :)

But before we got here, we went to church. We took a taxi from our hotel up to Asok, right by Soi Cowboy actually, where the church is located. 

We went to the international branch and we loved it! One of our favorite wards since Isle of Capri in Surfers Paradise. The people were so friendly and fun to be around. The spirit was strong and all three meetings were great.

When we got out, Isa put on her sunglasses that she bought in Seoul for $10, and they didn't fit quite right.

So it may be time for some new shades.

Leaving church, we took a taxi over to our new place and we've stayed here all day laying out by the pool and lounging around the apartment. Ah, life in the lap of luxury.

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