Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Travel Day: Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai Green Bus

We slept in to make up some sleep since we got to bed so late on Saturday and Sunday night (if you haven't read about Yi Peng yet, seriously it was such a magical unbelievable amazing experience) and then checked out and grabbed a songthaew over to the bus station on the edge of town. It was comfy.

We got to the bus station and figured out the queue system Green Bus has going on (there's a ticket machine off to the right of the windows that gives you a number when you push the button, then you wait for your number to be called like you're at the DMV or something). The next available bus to Chiang Rai wasn't for a few hours, so we went upstairs to hang out. There happens to be a massage parlor, which was perfect for Isa. And they had internet, which was perfect for me. So I wrote all the blog posts from this weekend.

The bus was fine. Nothing fancy like the VIP bus we took to come up here. This bus was an X-class. Four seats across, two on either side of the aisle, with a little shelf space above your head for smaller bags. They gave us snacks - a bottle of water and some weird chips that weren't good. It's a fairly quick trip of about 3 hours through the mountains of northern Thailand (although I think our bus driver had a hot date because he was driving like a maniac passing other buses and cruising up the shoulder). It's pretty, but it was getting dark, cloudy, and a little rainy so our pictures aren't that spectacular.

I took mostly video of this trip, so I'll post that when I get around to editing it. Then you'll be able to see the bus, seats, and get a better idea of the trip. When we arrived in Chiang Rai, our hotel was just a few blocks from the bus station, so we opted to walk instead of taking a songthaew. We passed this cool clock tower on the way. Yay! Chiang Rai!

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