Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Isa's Overhaul (Laziness)

Ever since I got back from Alaska and have had absolutely no obligations, I've become the lazy college student on break. I've stayed on Alaska time, so I go to bed inbetween 2 and 4am and then wake up around noon. Honestly, it's awful. And then to make it worse, I'm not very active during the day. I mean, I brought home the final 2 seasons of Will & Grace. Refreshing my memory on those final episodes is a priority.

I'm just lazy.

Today, however, was a tiny bit more productive off the couch than it has been these past days. Today I did this:

Made a rainbow bookshelf!

And I also have taken over the blog. I figure if I blog while I sit on the couch, it at least seems as though I am contributing to the world and not just being lazy.

I also posted some items for sale on Ebay. So for those of you who are interested, we are selling a Tria Laser Hair Removal system starting bids at $200.
...not really my thing...
But, if it is for you. It's HERE.

Lastly, over Christmas I took some videos. They aren't super entertaining, but I shall share anyway since I have them. The first clips are of Helena, she can't decide between which mice to go after. Also, losing them seems to be a goal for her. Jax was a new addition at Christmas Eve, he spent about a half an hour with Kari jumping off a step. Marley performed a couple songs for us (made up on the spot). This one ended with some high kicks.

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