Friday, December 30, 2011

Relax NYC

Brian has been hush-hush (kinda) about his app for awhile now, but it's almost finished! And now we need help!

For those who don't know, he's created an app that can search for places to sit (parks, street benches, playgrounds, etc.) while you're walking around NYC. The app is called Relax NYC.
It's meant for both locals and tourists, kind of along the same line as NYC Mate (has subway and bus maps with schedules).

The issue we're currently having is deciding what direction design-wise to go in: more fun and playful (1) or more polished and city-like (2). Photo here:

We like how appealing number 2 is, but like the idea of number 1. Number 1, however, also looks more like a game than a tool. But number 2 looks very similar to NYC mate (unintentional):

Any comments? Helpful ideas? Do you like #1 or #2 better? Which would you rather use and download? Which reflects the app better? Which reflects the city and appeals to its users better?

Anything would help! Thanks!!

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  1. I vote number two, it just looks very "New York" sleek and inviting. love the idea you guys!

  2. I would go with number 2.

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  4. Hi Isa and Brian,

    I would have to say number one. Then again I'm and artsy and colorful person so I would go for the more brightly colored choice. This a a great idea by the way. I hope you both had a wonderful Christmas and have a fantastic New Year!

    - Julia :D

  5. AWESOME!!! You guys are the coolest couple ever. I like the second design more.


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