Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things are Happening!!! (not for us though)

Last night I was finally tired enough at midnight to fall asleep almost instantly, but still, I don't wake up until noon. I strongly dislike this routine of nothingness. I really must get moving again.

However, lazy-ing around this afternoon, I turn on Facebook (after watching a couple episodes of SVU) and quickly look over my newsfeed to find an engagement (Congratulations Erika & Russell!), a baby gender announcement (a girl! Congratulations Brooke, Steve, and Gage!), and a marriage (Congratulations Justin & Sabrina!). All these awesome announcements on my newsfeed! :)

And Brian's announcement:
After roughly 10 years of no doctor visits, he went today and (minus blood tests) he seems to be healthy! Yay!

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  1. Brian! Way to be healthy!! That is wonderful news!
    Also, I was so excited to see our names on your blog. What an amazing week for all of us!!!

  2. Thank you!!! We are super excited! And yay for Erika!


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