Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas in Sitka

Brian and I spent Christmas in Sitka this year. And we were super lucky and had a White Christmas!

These are my favourite pictures from the trip.

Sunset from Seattle to Ketchican.

My parents moved from their house to an apartment we used to live in. So I had the lucky chance to go through all the boxes...there were TONS. But I did get to reminisce. I don't usually brag...but check out all my medals! :P (Jump Rope)

Family photo with cedar branches.

Found a Christmas tree!

We had a family friend over and had a duck dinner that was AMAZING. It's called Flying Prime Rib (duck recipe) and then spinach salad and butternut squash with butter and brown sugar. YUM YUM.

Cookie decorating! Photo bombed.

We had some new guests this year at Christmas Eve that included 2 wonderful kids. Jax spent a rather large portion of the night counting to 3 with Kari and then jumping off a single stair, laughing, and then getting up to do it again. This is him resting.

Marley had an especially fun time pushing buttons - like the knee button which makes her bounce. Or the stomach button that made her fly.

Christmas Eve - hats for everybody!

Christmas morning tree.

Helena (Hel-Ay-Na) really likes mice. But mice only, nothing else.

White Christmas

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