Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Moved to Ketchikan

Today, Isa and I left Juneau and she went home to New York and I went to Ketchikan, Alaska. I know, not fair, right? It's no secret that I don't love Ketchikan. There may be some validity to it, but mostly it's just because I've spent so much time in Juneau. And Juneau and Ketchikan are rivals, just like New York and Boston are rivals. You claim one and automatically trash talk the other.

So me moving to Ketchikan is similar to me moving to Boston. Ew, right? But for no good reason.

Two things I legitimately dislike about Ketchikan are 1. The airport is on its own separate island so you HAVE to take a ferry across to the mainland to go into town. The ferry crosses the channel in all of about 5 minutes - it's narrow. They should just build a bridge and let the bus come straight out to the airport. 2. It rains a lot. Like, way too much. Average rainfall in the US is 39 inches per year. Average rainfall in Ketchikan is 141 inches!! Compare that to Juneau's 62 inches per year.

Anyways, it didn't rain today. And Ketchikan had its annual Blueberry Arts Festival and that was a LOT of fun. So my opinion of Ketchikan improved a little bit today. Here's a video of the festival.

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