Sunday, July 12, 2015

Exploring the Treadwell Mine Ruins

I went for an exploration jog yesterday and two of my housemates decided to come with. We jogged across the bridge to Douglas and over to Sandy Beach, about 3 miles out. Just past Sandy Beach is the old ruin-town of Treadwell, full of ruins and broken down machinery.

Treadwell Mine Ruins

Treadwell Mine Ruins

It's one of those old abandoned places that I imagine grunge bands would use for some cd art or something.

Obviously, we are not a band.

There are plenty of open trails between each ruin and signs posted telling you about what was where and what each thing did. Very informative and interesting place. And much more accessible than the very difficult to access Alaska-Juneau (AJ) mine ruins on the side of Mt. Roberts (which are possibly off limits too, but the way we scaled the mountain we didn't pass any no trespassing signs although we saw some on the way down).

Just to the side of the ruins runs the Gastineau Channel, where you can find one of the most recognizable remnant of the Treadwell Mines: the pump house.

Pump House - Treadwell Mine Ruins

Pump House and Cruise Ship - Treadwell Mine Ruins

And we took the opportunity to take another band photo.

Apparently I'm colder than they are.

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