Saturday, July 3, 2010


Isa and I used our Key to the City to cross the George Washington Bridge today. The bridge is open to the public all the time, so the key didn't actually allow us to go anywhere you normally wouldn't be allowed (which is too bad, it would have been cool to climb up the cables):

The key just opened a lock on an already open gate. We could shut the gate and lock it with our key, which would have been a little funny to watch the bikers crash into it. But we decided not to do it. We actually knew going into it that the key wouldn't give us any special powers, but it was a gorgeous day and we love new adventures, so the key just gave us an excuse to go out there. (If you still don't know what key I'm talking about, watch this video.)

The bridge is really long, so we just walked across to about midway (where Jersey starts - we didn't really want to go that deep into New Jersey) and then headed back to Manhattan.

Oh, and by the way, Isa cut her hair. What do you think? She took off more than 12 inches!!

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