Tuesday, February 3, 2009

That's how we roll...

So Steve Martin called me up the other day and asked if I could make it to the world premiere of his new movie, Pink Panther 2. I told him I already had plans, but since he's such a good friend, I'd see what I could do to be there. So I rearranged my schedule and I took Isa and our friend Gabby to the premiere.

Ok, so maybe I made up a few of the details above. What actually happened is that we ran into a guy in Union Square giving away free "seat filler" tickets to the premiere. No guarantee to see the show - it's on a first come first served basis. He told us to show up about 2 hours before showtime.

We got there late. Like really late. Like 10 minutes before showtime late. But luckily it was snowing and nobody else showed up, so we still got in. It was AWESOME!! Free candy, free ice cream, free drinks, free popcorn, and the free movie to boot. Can't beat that, huh? Wait, yes you can. Steve Martin was there and so was Aishwarya Rai (former Miss World, now a huge Bollywood star).

Fun night.

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