Sunday, September 13, 2015

Clock Tower Hike in Skagway Alaska

After a full day working at the store, the sun broke through the clouds for a second so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to go hiking. I'd never hiked in Skagway before, so I called the interns at our store and asked which one I should do. They decided to come along and show me in person.

They chose right. Less than 10 minutes into the hike and we were blessed with this view:

A little higher up the trail and we had to make a few decisions. Our options included Lower and Upper Dewey Lakes, Lower and Upper Reid Falls, a Reservoir, and Ice Lakes. "All of the above" was apparently not an option for tonight because we had to make it back by 6:30 for Burrito Night at Bonanza.

So we first hit the Reservoir.

Then we went off trail to an option that wasn't marked and some place neither of them had been yet. We wanted to find the cliffs with the painted clock tower on it. Except it was hard to see the clock tower from this vantage point.

You can see Fate on the phone in that picture. She's calling Chelsea, the store manager, to come take a picture of us. She texted us the picture and we realized we were not over the clock tower at all (below, left). So we hiked over until we thought we were about there and Chelsea, being a good sport, came out and took another picture (below, right). Nailed it!

Can you even find us in the first picture? We're there, I promise. The view from up there was fantastic.

Fate and Natalie were little daredevils when it came to this cliff.

You know I'm not afraid of heights. But I'm not a fan of dying, especially when I haven't seen Isa in weeks. So I stayed back at least a few inches from the cliff.

We continued our hike, but about 10 minutes later, I realized I had forgotten to take pics of my Del Sol gear (gotta rep my brand!) so I ran back to the cliff and took a few shots.

And it's a good thing we went back, because this time the girls noticed an abandoned house to explore.

We went in and found a bunch of old machinery.

And then we hiked up toward Upper Dewey Lake to check out the waterfalls along the way. And you know I like flowing water pictures!

It was a fun hike and it made me want to come back to Skagway to explore some more. Especially if fun friends are there to explore it with!

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