Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Phra Nang Beach

Just a quick longtail boat ride away from Ao Nang beach is Railay, a peninsula cut off from the mainland by limestone cliffs, making it accessible exclusively by boat. We had never been on a longtail boat, and Thailand's beaches are kinda famous for them, so we decided to take it. 100 baht pp, each way. Not bad.

The ride out was fun and the landscape was beautiful! The cliffs diving straight down into the pretty water and the deep greenery of the jungles made for really pretty scenery. We stopped at a few beaches along the way, including Railay Beach, but our destination was the final stop: Phra Nang Beach and the caves.

First things first, we wandered over to the caves. Fishermen believed that a benevolent spirit lived in the cave, and they would seek her blessing for good luck each day. When they met good fortune, they'd return with gifts to thank her. Eventually, it evolved into this:

Regardless of the phallic nature of those matchsticks, the beach remains sacred ground. 

Next to the caves, we found plenty of rock climbers scaling the wall at least 60 or 70 feet up.

Walking back to the center (the caves are at the far end), we found a nice spot and laid out in the sun for a few hours. This was our view.

When the clouds came in in the early afternoon, we caught a longtail boat back to Ao Nang and made it back to our hotel before the rain came down. 

This time I wasn't feeling well, so Isa went out to get a massage while I rested in bed. When she came back, we went out to eat at a place up the street. Mine was spicy and not so flavorful, a poor representation of chicken with ginger. Isa got chicken with sweet peppers, but the sweet peppers were not sweet. They were hot peppers. We had heard that the food isn't great in Krabi, and now we agree.

We went back to Bernie's because they have pastries in he window that looked yummy. Isa felt a little ripped off with her slice...

And mine wasn't a croissant, it was more just bread. But whatever. So yeah, don't go to Bernie's. Or better yet, don't go to Krabi.

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