Saturday, August 27, 2011

Potbelly Star Cookies, I Orange NY, Aquarium Peeing, and some Tunes

This post is made-up of completely random photos from our life.
(and a couple song recommendations)

1. I worked at Potbelly this summer for awhile, but alas, the day would come when that would end. That day was Friday, August 19th. I was asked to bake some cookies. Usually, they are just giant round-ish cookies. Instead, I made a couple stars, a heart, and a square :)

2. My old roommate, Gabriella came and stayed with us this spring. To put it nicely, she thought our shower curtain was a little too old. Being the wonderful person she is, she sent us a new one! And weirdly enough, the best way to photograph the colours was via the mirror. Anyway, WE LOVE IT. There's a window behind it and when the lights off, the daylight shines behind it and lights up the bathroom in a gorgeous aquamarine/teal colour. It's like peeing in an aquarium.

3. This is a package/letter I picked up from Fedex. It took 3 weeks to get it (after they had just previously lost another package). I just wanted to share the craziness of this over-done mailing. (It has a post-it on it!)

4. Tropicana is doing promotional work throughout the City. I got a free orange juice (or two). I love NY.

5. We've started making our own croutons! Olive Oil, Italian Seasoning, Garlic Salt/Powder, Parmesan Cheese. Delish. So much better than store bought and cheaper!

6. This is how Brian was considering going to work last Friday.
(one leg ironed, one not. I had to add this explanation because Brian didn't understand)

And here is a list of the songs I'm addicted to right now:

1. Faster by Matt Nathanson
2. Right Here by Heyhihello
3. Wizard Love by Heyhihello (This one is best for Harry Potter fans)
4. I Do by Colbie Caillat
5. Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae

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