Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spokane! (with the Grandparents)

After our month-long stint in Canada (which started out as a 12-day job, but they kept asking us to extend and wow! that turned into a long month) we flew down to Spokane, WA to visit with Isa's grandparents. They weren't able to make the trip out to New York for our wedding in December, so we wanted to see them (well, I just wanted to meet them).

They were great! We really enjoyed staying with them. We ate on the patio each night. (Apparently, Spokane doesn't have any bugs. Seriously.) And we went around town and did fun things like going to the local swimming pool, playing around in the fancy, shmancy Davenport Hotel (which was a lot of fun - we went into the ballroom and danced, jumped, and goofed off. I'm sure those pictures will end up on Isa's facebook eventually) and we took Grandpa to an antique Hudson car show:

It was fun to see Grandpa in his element. :) He pointed out the "Jet" model that he used to drive years ago. It was really interesting and amazing to see pictures of the restoration jobs that these people did on their cars. They look like new now, but they had pictures of the broken, rusted hunk of metal they found them as, and then slowly but surely they turned it back into a brand new (looking) car. Crazy.

We also played a lot with McGuinness - their scottish terrier. We learned a lot about Scotties. They come in three colors - Black, Brindle, and the most rare: Wheaton (the color of a Guinness beer).

Overall, it was a great little trip. It was really nice to get out of a hotel and into a real bed and a real home. But mostly, I was happy to make some new memories with Isa and her grandpa. :)

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